The owner Mr. Shen was born and grew up in China where he has obtained a variety of praise due to his dedication to local community.  After moving here in USA, he has continued to keep his personality and tried his best to serve this quiet community where  even though the culture difference exists.
   With a MBA degree in management, and a dedication to serve local community with delicious  Chinese food, he is satisfied by what he has been doing and will continue to satisfy the local people.
   He is appreciated to be given any recommendation and advice.


At Da Ming, we deliver!

For delivery, we ask that you have an order for a minimum of $12, and there is a modest $1 charge. Limited delivery area.

Do you have a family get-together, party, office meeting or special event coming? Ask us about our party trays! Care for your guests with our easily arranged and served catering service. We would love to help your next event delicious, memorable — and convenient! Call us today: (801) 250-9188 or (801) 250-9189.


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